Honor and Remember Across America

With so much momentum in place and more progress ahead, we must focus on broadening awareness. That is why we will soon be taking the message to every state and launching “Honor and Remember Across America.”

The trip will focus on taking the Honor and Remember message to 49 states with the hope that each state legislature will join Virginia’s in officially adopting the flag. We will be giving presentations at various venues where we have been invited to speak, including houses of worship, veterans groups and community organizations. And most importantly, we will look forward to meeting many Gold Star families around the U.S. Our goals are to spread the word about the Honor and Remember Flag everywhere possible, to see the flag flying across America and to touch the lives of many families who have lost so much.

Our plan is to leave Virginia the first week of June and spend 23 weeks traveling a route from one state capital to another, heading north to Maine, then west across the upper half of the United States, reaching Sacramento by early September. Then we will head south through California and then east across the lower half of the U.S., arriving at Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2010 — A total of 22,000 miles round-trip.

I need your help to successfully accomplish this entire mission. Please review the posted itinerary (Click Here) and look over the dates and places I am planning to visit. This cannot be achieved without significant resources, coordination and support. Please consider helping us in this effort, individually or corporately. Here are our areas of need.

Host us in your city and:

  • Help to secure appointments with state and local officials;
  • Join me at your state capital;
  • Arrange meetings with veterans groups or local organizations;
  • Help initiate and plan personalized flag presentations;
  • Arrange opportunities to share in your place of worship or at community meetings
  • Join me on a portion of the road trip.

Our physical needs include:

  • Cost of gas, tolls, maintenance, insurance, etc.;
  • Food;
  • Lodging;
  • Flag sponsorship – personalized and state flags;
  • Airline tickets;
  • Volunteer staff & Drivers.

If you can help in any way possible or if you have suggestions for areas I have left out, please write to me at contact@honorandremember.org

Thank you for the continued support.