January 2012 – Thank You!

January 2012 Thank You…

I cannot begin in a short message to adequately touch all of the amazing accomplishments of last year. In 2011 Honor and Remember, with your help, significantly advanced its mission to perpetually recognize the sacrifice of our military fallen heroes and their families.

The year began with my personal visit to all 541 legislative offices on Capitol Hill. It was my unprecedented goal to share the vision of our national remembrance flag to every representative and gain congressional approval. This visit initiated substantial support from over 152 members of congress for the national vision. Although HR546 did not see significant movement during the year, I am much more confident that awareness has grown among our legislative leaders. Please continue to reach out to your representatives for support.We will continue to focus on state-by-state adoptions of the Honor and Remember Flag.

Nine state adoptions of the flag are in place and based on phone calls I have received from many of you, a minimum of fifteen additional states should adopt this year. Thank you to all who continue to champion our cause in their state!

Last year was also the beginning of our inclusion into the CFC Combined Federal Campaign, where we are now able to take our message to military and federal employees. I sincerely thank all of the volunteers who represented Honor and Remember at a variety of benefit fairs in states across the country. We could not have made an impact without your help! Continuing our benevolent goal of presenting personalized flags to every Gold Star Family, over 400 families were honored.

We could not make such significant impact without the dedicated men and women who volunteer to manage each state chapter.  The impact they have on their state and those Gold Star Families is enormous. There are currently eleven official Honor and Remember  chapters; Virginia, North Carolina, Alaska, Ohio, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Florida, Texas, Kentucky, Connecticut and Arizona. It is our national goal to add fifteen additional chapters this year, on our way to fifty. This is a serious commitment and welcome qualified patriots in joining our team. Contact Chapters@honorandremember.org

Personalized flags were presented to Gold Star Families across the U.S. at chapter and key events, including a Louisiana Blue Star mother event, the Maupin, Ohio scholarship event, America Supports You Texas annual weekend, Rolling Thunder Memorial Weekend Banquet, New Jersey Run for the Fallen, the AmVets convention, Arizona Diamondbacks 9/11 and Veteran’s day Presentations and the Navajo reservation presentation to five Vietnam era families.

There are tremendous projects in the works for this year, including plans for many flag presentations and amazing partnerships that will enable us to honor more families than ever before. As 2012 goes into full swing I ask for your continued support for our national effort to change the mindset of this nation. To bring national awareness of and appreciation to the sacrifices of our brave military fallen heroes and their families. The ways to help are simple.

1. Sign the Petition and be sure to encourage your family, friends and coworkers to do the same;
2. Fly the Flag – show your appreciation for our fallen and their families by displaying Honor and Remember as a way to say thank you. Remember to replace faded or worn out flags.
3. Support the Cause – Please consider helping us in our ongoing effort to publicly recognize the sacrifice of our military fallen heroes and their families. Consider a one-time or monthly donation.

Thank you for continuing to support this national symbol of remembrance.  Let’s get this flag flying everywhere!