July 2013 Casulaties

We remember these eleven heroes who gave their lives in July and the families they left behind

Spc. Hilda I. Clayton, 22, of Augusta, Ga.
1st Sgt. Tracy L. Stapley, 44, of Clearfield, Utah
Pvt. Errol D.A. Milliard, 18, of Birmingham, Ala
Lance Cpl. Benjamin W. Tuttle, 19, of Gentry, Ark
Staff Sgt. Sonny C. Zimmerman, 25, of Waynesfield, Ohio
Spc. Anthony R. Maddox, 22, of Port Arthur, Texas
1st Lt. Jonam Russell, 25, of Cornville, Ariz.,
Sgt. Stefan M. Smith, 24 of Glennville, Ga., and
Spc. Rob L. Nichols, 24, of Colorado Springs, Colo.
Sgt. Eric T. Lawson, 30, of Stockbridge, Ga.,
Spc. Caryn E. Nouv, 29, of Newport News, Va