Gold Star Families after special presentation at Apple Valley American Legion

This was a photo taken after 19 flags were presented at a special Honor and Remember Ceremony with the Governor of Minnesota in 2012, at the Apple Valley American Legion. Family traveled from all over the state to attend the largest Flag Presentation ever given in the state of Minnesota.

Men and women have been serving in the United States military and dying for our country for more than 200 years. They represent a unique and distinct category of individuals, along with the families that sent them, that deserve a symbol of recognition, a visual emblem of honor. Until the Honor and Remember Flag was conceived, there was no such nationally recognized symbol. As a nation we have flags that symbolize everything; each state has their own flag, every branch of the service has their own flag, the POW/MIA have their own flag, every veteran’s organization has their own flag, every college, high school, organization and so on. Yet the one single group that sacrificed to allow us to fly every flag freely have no public recognition. It is important that their lives and their families be specifically remembered and thanked.

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None of us would willingly give our loved ones to be sacrificed for freedom’s cause, it is simple human nature. However, someone’s loved ones are being sacrificed so that ours don’t have to. The least we can do is be thankful.  How do we show gratitude without something tangible, not knowing who these families are or where they live. The Honor and Remember Flag becomes that perfect visible expression. For additional information about the Honor and Remember Mission, please visit: LEARN MORE

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