Mini Dispatch January – 2011

Capitol Hill Visits – February – March 2011

I want to thank all of you who have continued to support our effort to establish Honor and Remember as a national symbol of remembrance.  With the conclusion of our 28,000 mile journey across America, I have only just begun the mission ahead.

Now that Honor and Remember Across America has ended, the work of getting the flag adopted by the United States Congress and each state, moves forward. There is much to do in order to make this happen. Your help in encouraging your elected leaders to support the adoption of the flag will be crucial in the months ahead. Also we are still forming state chapters if you have an interest.

First, I hope you will follow up with each or your state legislators to be sure Honor and Remember legislation is being written and introduced. I have reached out to an elected official in every state, so if you need a name please let me know. Contacting your state senator or delegate directly will be a great start. Samples of legislation are on the website or at this link.

Second, during the month of February I will launch phase two of our campaign to establish Honor and Remember as a national symbol. This portion of the journey will entail spending a concentrated amount of time on Capitol Hill, visiting our elected officials from around the country, all 535.

My goal will be to physically meet every representative and senator to ask for his or her support for the Honor and Remember bill. I need your help. Many of you have written or called and expressed an interest in accompanying me when I meet your legislator. I would like to invite you to join me in DC anytime during the month of February and possibly a portion of March.

Regardless of whether you can make it to Washington, I would like you to call ahead and ask your senators and representative to co-sign legislation concerning Honor and Remember and let them know I will be visiting their DC office. Currently bill HR 1034, but will be re-numbered shortly. You can find your elected official here.

When you do make contact, please send me any information regarding whom to follow up with and I will proceed to schedule appointment’s. If you can make it, I can arrange the meetings while you are in town.

When meetings cannot be set ahead of time I will be knocking on doors every day as I go. This is not an area I am familiar with, so I will be learning as I go. Regardless of our approach, I am believing that this year will bring about national adoption of our symbol of remembrance.

This is a mission for us all, and I will not stop until our fallen heroes and their families are publicly recognized. Thank you for continuing to support this campaign of remembrance.

Most importantly we need to continue reaching out to the thousands of families who are awaiting a personalized Honor and Remember Flag. Please consider how you can help financially or by helping us to identify families and sponsors. You can make your contribution online at our secure web site.

The mission continues.

God Bless You!

To find all of the details and photos of my 5 month journey visit:

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Honor and Remember goes to Capitol Hill.

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