Run for the Fallen


America's Run for the Fallen

April 7 ~ August 5, 2018.

On Memorial Day of 2008 in Norfolk Virginia, the Honor and Remember Flag was publicly unveiled to become a nationally recognized symbol of remembrance. This flag was established as a tangible reminder to all Americans of the high price paid for the freedoms we enjoy. It represents all generations of fallen heroes from all wars, all branches of service and all causes of death. It is a daily visual celebration of the lives it represents and a sign of appreciation to the thousands of grieving families left behind. Three weeks later on the west coast .....

On Flag Day, June 14, 2008, a dedicated team of runners ran across America from Fort Irwin, CA to Arlington National Cemetery, one mile for every Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, and Marine killed since the War on Terror began. For ten weeks, team members marked each mile with an American flag and biographical signcard in an apolitical reflection of remembrance of each service member.

During the course of these historic events the founders of these organizations met and instantly realized that their missions were perfectly aligned. Since that moment they began a lasting friendship and a goal to continue a parallel path.

Each year since the first run across America, runners from around the world have joined Run for the Fallen in remembering our fallen. Over 50,000+ participants and over 200,000+ miles have been collectively run in remembrance of those heroes, organized in over 26 states. But more still needed to be done. A plethora of state runs continue to exist with additional being added yearly.

In hopes of combining resources in 2014 Honor and Remember and the Run for the Fallen organizations were officially merged, dedicated to continuing and consistently growing the mission to pay tribute to more military fallen heroes and their families across the country.

Since their inaugural beginnings were both in 2008, rapidly approaching is the combined tenth anniversary.  In memory of that first event and to include the subsequent increase in military casualties they are preparing to launch a second organized run across the United States, closely duplicating the original 2008 event.  Creating, Spring of 2018 “America’s Run for the Fallen”.  The run will begin in San Diego, California and conclude approx 100 days later in Arlington National Cemetery. This time including nearly 20,000 service members in 19 states over 6,000 miles.

The needs are many, including overnight stays every day, food, planned ceremonies and more. We will be looking for dedicated runners and volunteers to assist in managing particular areas of the country we will be running through. One mile for each hero lost since the War on Terror began in 2000 with the USS Cole.

Due to the extreme temperatures during the summer months along much of the route. The timeframe will shift to spring with a finish when all service members have been honored.
Scheduled Dates April 7th - August 5th, approx. 120 days

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Official Upcoming Honor and Remember "Run for the Fallen" Events

AMERICA'S Run for the Fallen 2018

ARIZONA Run for the Fallen  -  April 18 thru May 3 - America's Run 2018

Hawaii Run for the Fallen - TBD

INDIANA Run for the Fallen - June 20 - 30 - America's Run 2018

Ohio Run for the Fallen -  TBD

NEW YORK Run for the Fallen - June 2018

North Carolina Run for the Fallen - July 23-31 - America's Run 2018

VIRGINIA Run for the Fallen  -  August 1- 5 - America's Run 2018

West Virginia Run for the Fallen -  TBD

Minnesota Run for the Fallen -  TBD

Additional Independent Runs

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