December 12, 2012

As I woke this morning to the flashing banners and hoopla of the morning news on this December day, I realized I was not as jubilant as most seemed to be. Today is 12-12-12 an exciting date of notoriety for many as the next lining up of sequential day, month and year numbers is not for 88 years. Thousands of Americans are lining up everywhere to celebrate whatever they can so that this date can be

etched in their family history forever. But this day has a much different meaning to me, you see 12-12 is always branded on my heart every year because today my son Tony, who gave his life for his country now 7 years ago, would be turning 32. For a Gold Star family there are primarily two very important dates and for most its the day of their loved ones birth that may be the most difficult. Possibly because its an emotional reminder of bringing them into the world as an innocent child and the subsequent memories of raising them to adulthood. Or perhaps because it brings back the memory of many years of celebrating that will never be again. I don’t mean to sound particularly somber but intentionally reflective. The pain never ends and the reminders never dissipate. Reach out to those you love and build upon every possible memory, our time is sometimes shorter than we hope. My heart is with every Gold Star family and the unimaginable journey thrust upon them. I will be here for you all until God decides to take me to my boy.  Love George.  Happy Birthday son!