Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

  • Georgia is no longer on my mind. SC and tomorrows ceremony is. I've now officially travelled 26 thousand miles. Don't forget to vote. #
  • George Lutz meeting with newly elected SC Governor Nikki Haley. She also signed the pledge to Honor and Remember. #
  • Wonderful unexpected sucess in SC. Now entering my 50th state, NC. NC already adopted HR this past summer. I will see you all in Arlington. #
  • Resting today in Burnsville NC, at Mary Janes Cafe. Would you believe it? Its snowing outside! When I left VA 5 months ago it was 90. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-31

  • Beautiful ceremony on steps of FL state capitol. Honored lcdr guy houston, 1969 vietnam. Thanks pgr for standing for the family. AL tonight. #
  • Now entering Georgia. Alabama was incredible. See journal post. #
  • Looking for a church opportunty to speak Sunday in atlanta area. Please let me know. #
  • Very unfortunate today, complete tire destruction, 3 hours on the side of the road and 300 dollars. I am ok. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-24

  • Beautiful day in Baton Rouge, ceremony was awesome. Everyone wonderful. Tonight moved on to Pensacola FL. See intinerary. #
  • WEAR ABC 3 :: Top Stories – A Symbol To Remember Lost Service Men And Women via @AddThis #
  • View from the condo at Ft Walton beach I woke up to. Amazing blessing, had no idea what was out the window. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-17

  • Its Honor and Remember day in Jacksonville, AR #
  • Are there any GS families near Jackson MS that would like to meet? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks #
  • Now pulling into Mississippi. State number 44! #
  • I have an open weekend in Baton Rouge. Looking for speaking opps including Sunday church. Please contact me. #
  • Any gold star families in the Baton R aRea please contact me. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-10

  • Amazing visit on Ft Hood, I am continuously humbled by the strong GS women I meet, both mothers and widows. Heading to Austin for tomorrow. #
  • The Austin capitol presentation was amazing. Today I speak at the Alamo in a special ceremony with the Daughters of the American Revolution. #
  • Desperatley need help in jackson mississippi area with ceremony and appointments, please contact me if you can help. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03

  • Today we give tribute to moms who have given their most precious loved ones for our freedom. Gold Star Mothers day. We will never forget. #
  • In Oklahoma City tonight preparing for a flag presentation in Norman, 11am. OK was the second state this year to adopt Honor and Remember. #
  • The OK ceremony was amazing. Thank you to all of the GSF who attended. It was my honor to spend time together. I am off to Dallas! #
  • Staying in Dallas for the weekend. Looking for the opportunity to share the vision at a nearby church this Sunday. Let me know. #
  • Just concluded a personal meeting with Mr Ross Perot. He loved the flag and we have his full endorsement. Meeting w governor at 4. March on. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-19

  • This is from last nights amazing dinner. Thank you all for the over whelming support! #
  • Hanging with my son Kenny in LA. Headed to San Diego this afternoon. #
  • Spoke at American Legion post 179 in Escandido last night. Going to take a day to hang with my cousin and his 18 wheeler before Havasu. #
  • Down day, truckin with my cousin. #
  • 5 hour drive to Lake Havasu, AZ. Patriot Day parade tomorrow! #
  • Flag flying and decal on Lake Havasu fire truck! Patriot Days all this week. #
  • Now heading East for the first time in three months. Arizona and New Mexico this week. Looking toward Arlington in November! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

  • Beautiful ceremony this morning with Gold Star families at Kawaiahao church. #
  • Please pray there is about a 5% chance I could meet with the governor of CA today. Thank you. #
  • Didn't meet the governor but had a wonderful ceremony with gold star families. Headed to lompoc #
  • Safely in Lompoc after 9 hours. Meeting w commander, Vandenberg AFB this morning. Preparing for big event tomorrow night. #
  • Yesterday the city of Lompoc, CA voted to adopt and fly the Honor and Remember Flag on 10 city buildings. They will all be flying on 9/11. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-05

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22

  • Leaving Mount Spokane church, headed to Seattle, 7 hours trip. At the northwest fair this week, come join us. #
  • Safely here in Linden, WA for the NW wash fair. Will be parked here thru Sat. Thanks to Angie, Karen and Jim for the hospitality in Spokane! #
  • Headed to Alaska Tuesday, if anyone has connection with Sarah Palin please let me know. #
  • Heading to Anchorage, Alaska, and the 34th state on the journey. #
  • Just flying back from Alaska and an amazing leg of the journey. Thanks Dave for all of your hard work. #
  • Everyone in CA. Consider the Honor and Remember dinner w Dennis Miller Sept 11. Call deb 805-588-8848 for tickets. Cannot buy at the door. #
  • Football seasn and I was thinking we need the HR flag flying in stadiums and uniforms. If u hav connections with ownrs or teams let me know. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

  • In Boise now however the transmission is still leaking badly. Put it in a shop in the morning. Pray for a reasonable fix. Back still hurts. #
  • Sometimes marching on isn't possible. #
  • Sometimes marching on just isn't possible. #
  • Shop called, transmission needs to be replaced. Almost $4000 of work. Need any financial assistance possible. This is a tough one. Pray #
  • Now leaving Caldwell and the wondeful visit with the Hylinskis. 10 hour drive to MT. Transmission fixed and supercharged $3700. God is good. #
  • Leaving Helena, had a beautiful ceremony in honor of Scott Dykman. Headed to Montana Harley Davidson in Missoula for meeting 9am. #
  • Spent the afternoon at two Harley D dealers, Missoula MT and Coeur dAlene, ID. Fully supporting and flying HR. #
  • Stan, my relief driver, washington HR rep and friend. It has been an honor to hang with him. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

  • Dennis Miller is hosting an Honor and Remember event 9-11 in Lompoc CA. For tkts contact deb. 805 588 8848. Please come or share the word. #
  • US Air Force Academy chapel, CO Springs. #
  • Parked outside KEZW studio for morning interview. #
  • Just left the governor, it is Honor and Remember day in CO! #
  • Don't know how but threw out my back. Please pray, excrutiating pain. Driving is difficult. 5 hours ahead of me. #
  • Resting in grand junction for the night. Wonderful meeting with Blue Star mothers. Tomorrow, Salt Lake City. Back still a mess. #
  • Headed to SLC. 6 hour drive, icing the back. #
  • Utah landscape. Gods country. #
  • Beautiful ceremony at UT state capitol today. With Gold Star families and Governor. #
  • Headed to Boise, ID 7 hours. Will need help/contacts in las Vegas end of the month. Contact me. #
  • The package has arrived, headed to Boise, ID 7 hours. Will need help/contacts in las Vegas end of the month. Contact me #
  • Transmission seals just blew, leaking fluid like a seive. Found a shop in Pocatello, ID. Going to cost overtime but pray its a simple fix. #
  • I am a bit skeptical but after 3 hours of diagnostic and $400, the transmission seems to be fine. They say it overheated. Can you say AMEN? #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-01

  • Restful day after church. Last night at KOA. ND state capitol Monday 130pm, pioneer room. #
  • Just left Bismarck flag presentation ceremony, many GSFs along with the Governor. AmazIng event. On the way to SD for tomorrow. #
  • Hmmm just encountered a slight setback. #
  • Leaving Pierre headed to Rapid City. Any gold star families in that area please contact me. #
  • One incredible sight. #
  • HRAA at MT Rushmore. #
  • Beautiful Wyoming landscape. #
  • Happened to be frontier week in Cheyenne. Met the governor at the rodeo. Never been but whatever it takes. #
  • Two very special and emotional flag presentations today, Edmonds family and family of Chance Phelps. #
  • Just concluded a wondrful ride with the beast (RV) in the Longmont city parade. thank you amer legion and Purple Heart for their support! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

  • Leaving Iowa headed to Madison WI. Not stopping in Des Moines. #
  • Now entering WI please let me know if anybody has any contact in madison. #
  • Honor and Remember flying proudly over MN state capitol. #
  • Today by proclamation the governor of MN declared it Honor and Remember day in the state! #
  • Starting the 8 hour drive to Bismarck. #
  • My new BF Mack, Vietnam combat vet and purple heart recipient. Also my Patriot Guard escort. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

  • Now leaving TN 400m to Springfield,IL. Meeting at the state house 10AM tomorrow. Please join us! #
  • Would like to meet with any GSFs interested in joining me at the state house and possibly lunch tomorrow at 10am #
  • Heading to Wal-Mart in Springfield, IL for the night. We just hit 7,000 miles! #
  • I need to speak with someone regarding the Iowa HOG rally. Let me know if you can help. Thanks. #
  • Now entering St. Louis, MO For a 4 pm ceremony at a vets memorial. #
  • Had a mishap with a tree heading out to Jeff City. Rear compartment fell off. Expect good news! #
  • Jeff City event was amazing, many Gold Star fam and friends and legislator support. 2 personalized flags presented #
  • Made it to KS and will be speaking and presenting flags here shortly. Very tired today but each step new energy req. Many more miles to go. #
  • Moving ceremony today in Leavenworth, at VFW. Follow our journey and journal on the website. Tomorrow 5 hour drive to NE for 2pm event. #
  • Headed to Lincoln NE statehouse. 2pm ceremony w governor and Gold Star families. #
  • The governor in a special ceremony in the statehouse just declared July 16 Honor and Remember day in NE #
  • Looking for a church Sunday to worship and speak near waterloo iowa. #
  • made it to waterloo late last night. 8000 miles far and 22 states. Today we will be in a parade in waverly and the attend the HOG rally. #
  • In the Waverly, IA parade! This should give us some publicity. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

  • Stopped on our way to Traverse city to enjoy an evening on the Maumee river. We will not be in Lansing. #
  • Now entering MI headed to Traverse City for a 5pm ceremony. #
  • via @upnorthlive: Families of Fallen Soldiers Presented With Memorial Flag #
  • MI presentions were amazing. On the way to Indianapolis. No prentations scheduled will meet at statehouse at 10am. Would love to meet you! #
  • Met with two senators this morning who will endorse the flag. And had lunch with some gold star families. A great time of fellowship. #
  • Visited the capitol today with four Gold Star families. Great day of sharing and support. #
  • Headed to KY in the morning and then Nashville, looking for possible stay for the weekend and park RV in TN. Thanks #
  • On the way to Frankfort KY. Just passed 6000 miles 16 states #
  • Leaving Frankfort with full support of veterans committee and legislators. On our way to Ft Campbell. #
  • A dear friend lives in Nash so all is good. I do need a connection at UPS, a flag I need today is stuck in their serv cent in white creek. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

  • Our surprise sidetrip, donated tickets to Hershey Park! Alex is bit more excited than myself. #
  • Leaving pennsylvania and headed to Stanton VA to pick up the motorhome and on to West VA. 9 hour of driving today, Please pray #
  • Now leaving in a new form of transportation called an rv. Thanks @davidicdesign! #
  • Waking up in the Charleston WVA Walmart parking lot. On to the capitol, ceremony at 10am. #
  • Haven't quite made it to Charleston, had our first casualty. #
  • Just left cermony with Gold star families and the Governor of WV. Tire is fixed heading to ohio. #
  • Arrived Cinci last night and had a great dinner w friends. This morning took RV for service. Needs $1,000 worth of work I didn't count on. #
  • Good news is we have an extra day for repair. Needs brakes and bushings. The mission continues! Keep the faith. #
  • The brake overhaul is now going to cost about $1600. God must have had His hand on us going over the WVA mountains. All will be fixed 2day. #
  • Thinking ahead to other states we really need some help in Kentucky. Please contact me. #
  • Just finished press conference at OH state house. Watch OH evening news tonight. #
  • Left our donated hotel room late this morning. And just got done with two flag presentations. #
  • Motorcycle escort to the Cleveland Indians game. #
  • Getting a #rollingthunder escort to the game =P #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

  • Invited to speak 2day fathers day, at albany vt meth chrch. The pastor also a gold star dad allowed me the opp to share my mission n my kids #
  • 5:30 AM and off to Albany, NY. #
  • In Albany, NY waiting for some press coverage. #
  • Sucessful meeting with 2 NY senators along with an interview with abc chan 10 news. #
  • Ceremony in Camden was amazing. Met many great people and GSFs. On the move again. #
  • Headed from syracuse to rochester for the night. Many thanks to Hancock field and the 174th fighter wing. #
  • PGR escort to Rochester Redwings game. #
  • Just finished a ceremony during the Redwings game tonight! #
  • Honor and Remember on the jumbotron! #
  • Today is a travel day. Six hour drive to Harrisburg, PA. Staying with an awesome family. Tomorrow PA state capitol 10am #
  • 5 hours later we are resting at another beautiful country home, in the PA mountains. #
  • PA state capitol was amazing, just left Gov. Rendell's office. PA will be flying the flag. #
  • On the way to the PA heroes walk outside Pittsburgh. Just passed the 3,000 mile mark after 18 days! #
  • All day event today at PA Heroes walk. Late tonight we need a place to stay near valley forge, if you can help. Blessings #
  • PA heroes walk. 300 plus mile walk across PA. This is the start of the last 7 miles. #
  • Spending the night in Harrisburg then off to Philadelphia maybe with a surprise sidetrip. #