Day 115 – Allen, TX

September 30, 2010

Alan arranged for me today to  meet with Representative Jodie Labenberg in Allen TX.  The meeting took place at Mimi’s restaurant and included supporters Top and Susanne…. It was a short but very successful visit. Jodie was extremely interested in the campaign and pledged her support in creating Texas legislation adopting Honor and Remember. While I was explaining the mission the waitress looked on.  When we concluded she told us the story of the flag made her knees buckle and she would not take any money for our meal. It was a powerful moment of confirmation that the message resonates with everyone who hears.

I left the meeting and headed to Rowlett, TX where I have a family relative. I will be staging from this area until Monday.

Tomorrow: Meeting with Mr Perot and the TX governor.

Blessings, George