Day 116 – Plano, TX

October 1, 2010

Today would prove to be an amazing day in Texas. It started with driving the RV for routine maintenance. It was time for a fluid level change and a road check. $700 later I was good to go.

I had a scheduled meeting, thanks to Jack Barnes and connections, with Mr Ross Perot at 10am. His office is in the Dell building and when I arrived at his office he personally greeted me at his door. I found him to be a very genuine and warm individual. He listened intently to my vision and when I concluded was sincerely impressed. he said he loved the flag and the concept and wanted to be kept informed as to my progress. There was no commitments made however his appreciation of my efforts was evident. We spoke for over an hour as to the mission and the status of the country. It was a humbling and sincere honor to meet this powerful man of our nation’s history.  After our meeting he instructed one of his employees to give me a full tour of his memorabilia portions of the building. Truly an interesting and overwhelming experience to  be included in this honor.  I pray there will be more opportunity for connecting in the future.

later today I also met with the Governor of Texas Rick Perry. This was a rare opportunity to meet this very busy legislator. Thanks again to Alan Burks and Corbet Howard for making this arrangement. The governor was very gracious in the time spent discussing my trip across America and his involvement in working with wounded veterans. I received his enthusiastic support of my mission and am grateful for his leadership.  I believe Texas with follow thru with adoption in the spring.

In the early evening I was invited to an Oklahoma – Texas legislators meet and greet. This was a a social event that was predicated on the OK/TX football game tomorrow and was simply a fun hand shake party. I was the guest of Sen Bill Brown from Ok and his family. The evening ended early and I was grateful to head back to base for a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow: Ceremony at The Colony, TX

Blessings, George