Day 135 – Pensacola, FL

October 20, 2010

A truly rewarding day began with my dropping off the Beast off to a local RV dealership, Carpenters Campers. I had experienced no air conditioning or heat for quite some time, seems it was Arizona. I had a free day to have it checked out and this particular place was recommended. Initially I thought that I perhaps needed a recharge but on closer  evaluation  noticed that the entire housing unit had broken and detached itself from the engine wall and was hanging free.  This was not a good thing. The shop informed me that we would need to order a new housing unit and it would take several days. Not having the time for this I was going to be stuck with a non working unit.

I went off to my next stop, a meeting with the Command Master Chief of NAS Pensacola. I was very well received by his office and was able to share the message and get a commitment from him to share up the chain of command.

I stopped by Congressmen Jeff Miller’s office and have received his full support. He is on the Armed Forces committee and vowed to have this moved forward in the next session. While there, local station CBS 3 caught up with me for an on camera interview.

Channel 3 News

I headed back to the camper shop and Mark the owner had arranged to fix the broken box,  replace my windshield wipers, give it a bath and fix several other items that were hampering me, all at no charge. This man was a heaven sent angel, and I was on my way by 530. A good thing because at 6pm I was scheduled to speak at a local church “My Father’s Vineyard”. I had met Pastor Wes Alvarez while in Amarillo Texas last month and he had invited me to stop by his church on my way through Pensacola. He was extremely supportive and allowed me to speak to his congregation for nearly an hour. I was truly blessed by the opportunity to share the vision to so supporting a congregation and thankful to the pastor for his willingness to open his pulpit to me.

After the service I headed south to Ft Walton Beach for the night, meeting up with my friends the Bastions from California and staying at the home of Sue and Pete Servais.

Tomorrow: Special Ops warrior foundation walk.

Blessings, George