Day 25 – Cincinatti, OH

July 1, 2010

Up early for an 830 interview today with Tony Macrini on WNIS 790am in Hampton Roads. This is a weekly interview each Thursday morning.  Following I worked on updating information on the journal and some record keeping. If I let things go too long I cant catch up easily. I did get a call from the truck service shop and we have to add calipers to the bill, and are now up to $1600.

Tom picked us up at noon for a radio interview on the Bill Cunningham show. Bill is a well known talk show host broadcasting to 20 states. It was a great interview and I hope to see support grow through this.  Later in the afternoon we picked up the RV and was told it was ready to go. I am so glad we have had these issues taken care of and feel more confident in moving forward. I pray we have no other issues ahead.

This evening Tom had planned a social event at the Great American Sports bar. This is a restaurant owned by Bill Cunningham and a percentage of the guest checks went to Honor and Remember this evening. We had a great turnout with many coming in to find out what the flag was about. Also attending was state Rep Joe Uecker as well as Harry Prestanski. It was a very successful night with a great amount of interest.

Tomorrow: 11am meeting at the state capitol, 7pm VFW meeting in Strongsburg.

Needs: Supporters to join us in MI and KY when we visit state capitols.

Blessings, George