Day 33 – Indianapolis – Frankfort – Ft Campbell, KY

July 9, 2010

we rose earl this morning in Indianapolis at the OMS facility. We had a 4 hour ride ahead of us and appointments scheduled in Frankfort KY beginning at 11am. I don’t like cutting so close our arrangements but in order to make this trip physically possible sometimes we have to push ourselves and our timetable. Making decisions to stay where we will be most comfortable and rested sometimes allow us to stay in a city and leave early or arrive in a city ahead of schedule and be closer. We have done both.

Upon arrival in Frankfort about 930am we met with Gold Star mom Lynn Romans, she was to accompany us on our visits. Our first stop war MG Tonini, The Adjutint General of KY. He is the highest ranking officer in charge of the KY National Guard. We had a very productive meeting with him as we shared our mission and purpose. He was also friends with many of the TAGs I had met previously and was extremely supportive. He did help to schedule us with some upcoming appts including one later today with the veterans affairs council.

After leaving his office we drove back to the capitol where we met the Lt Governor Daniel Mongiardo and his senior advisor. We had a great meeting there and then moved to the third floor to meet the current Speaker of the House. We received overwhelming endorsement from each of these men and was certainly encouraged that KY will be coming onboard in the next session. Thanks to Lynn for all her help and support today!

We had a 1:30 meeting with the Veterans Affairs Council of KY and I was able to make a 5 minute presentation to the group of 20. After which I was told that their governor had received a letter from ours and that they had already given their endorsement by way of letter to key legislators. Once again I was preaching to the choir and organizations are learning about us and reacting. This is tremendous validation and encouragement to me.

Alex and I were starving and found nearby sonic for some coney dogs and shakes. Then off on another 4 hour leg of the trip to Ft Campbell. I believe we crossed 6,000 along the way. I was hoping to visit with a few Gold Star families but was not able to make a connection. I did speak with Gregg Garvey, founder of “Lest they be Forgotten”. and he was able to direct me to a monument on base and also a local American legion.

We will be staying with Shane tonight, a soldier stationed at Ft Campbell, a friend of Karen and a great supporter! Thanks Shane.

One sad note, I was to have a personalized flag sipped to me for a special Vietnam mother ceremony Saturday and it has not arrived. please pray.

It was a tiring day as you can see. So much more to say, no time or energy to say it.

Tomorrow: Flag presentation to Gold Star mother in Nashville.

Blessings, George