Day 64 – Boise, ID

August 9, 2010

The transmission I found out today was burnt, there is metal in the pan and my options are patch or rebuild. I do not think that patching this under my current driving schedule would be the most intelligent idea so I am looking to rebuild. There is a shop in town that has expertise in rebuilding and I am putting this in their hands. I understand that they will increase the specs a bit and add an additional cooler to the oil. The price is somewhere short of $4000. I have put out a plea for financial assistance and many supporters have been contributing.

We headed to the statehouse this morning for a ceremony in the governors office. I met two Gold Star families there for personalized flag presentations. There were many others invited and present including representatives from the Adjutant General’s and Governor’s office as well as all of the local media.  The venue and the ceremony was very moving and to be able to touch the lives of these families in this tangible way, most important.

Today we honored the Phelps and the Hall families. Mrs Phelps lost her husband, CW2 Jesse Phelps,  in 1965 when his helicopter was shot down over Vietnam.  He left 4 children, and his son Jeff was there today. Mr and Mrs Hall lost their son, EOD2 Curtis Hall in Kirkuk, Iraq April 6, 2007. It was honor to meet them and share this emotionally charged special moment of remembrance.

Thanks to Paula and Doug for arranging and preparing for my visit and for taking us in while our vehicle is disabled.

Tomorrow: Down day as we wait for repairs and hopefully head to Montana.

Needs: Finances for transmission repair.

Blessings, George