Day 84 – Las Vegas – Reno, NV

August 29, 2010

Put Patty on a plane at 530 this morning and then headed out for the long drive back to Reno with the Larsens. The weather was great, in the mid 60’s, and the drive beautiful. We arrived safely 8 hours later. Patty did arrive back in Norfolk safely, around 530pm eastern time. Unfortunately on her drive home she was in a car accident on the interstate, airbags deployed and her vehicle totaled. Everyone is ok thank God, but shaken up. It was a purely fluky thing but nonetheless life throws some wicked curves sometimes and I am 3,000 miles away. Please keep us in prayer as you think about the journey and the potential hazards ahead.

Tomorrow: I have a couple of days in Reno area to catch up and then Wednesday ceremony with the Governor.

Blessings, George

2 thoughts on “Day 84 – Las Vegas – Reno, NV”

  1. O, George & Patty,a lot of wounded soldiers in this Campaign! What a shock for you Patty! I hope the airbag deployment didn’t hurt you. What a life,huh? You are heartily in my prayers.
    I go for surgery tomorrow w/the ordeal at the Aug 24th Flag Presentation in Salem,but I’m still doing what I can for H&R.
    God is w/u Patty in all things!
    My love& prayers,
    Michelle is praying for you two!
    We love you George & Patty.

  2. So sorry to hear about Patty’s horrible experience upon her return home but happy that she is not serioiusly injured. I will keep her in my prayers as she tries to recouperate mentally.
    God Bless
    Michelle Larsen

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