Day 100 – Murietta, CA

September 15, 2010

This is my 100th day on the road, with approx 60 more ahead.  Lately I have been extremely tired and wish sometimes that I was back in Virgina. I am overwhelmed by the extent of energy it takes to get to new places and meet new people.  Different environments, different expectations, sharing my emotional message for the first time, each time. Sometimes to only 5 people sometimes to several hundred. Although you never know what speaking to one person will do, I often get discouraged when only a few show up. I guess I fell as if the message is so important, the whole country needs to hear. I am turning east now and will begin to gain timezones. Perhaps the anticipation of the end is n my mind, yet so many great moments yet to come.

I have  found out that I do not have to be in Havasu until Friday so I will hang out with my cousin Tony for the day. He is a long haul trucker and was driving a load so I will tag along. Tony has quite a resume, he was 13 years in the marines, 10 years as an LA MC cop, a stuntman, rodeo rider and now a trucker. He definitely has some interesting stories to tell. he has a beautiful family with two young precious girls.

Today’s haul did not go as easy as it should have. Without relaying all of the details a simple pick up of two Humvees which should have been an hour took closer to 5. It has been a very long day. But in the end a great visit and dinner with the family. I will post photos later.

Tomorrow: Morning interview with WNIS and 5 hour drive to Lake Havasu, AZ

Blessings, George