Our Mission

Gold Star Families after special presentation at Apple Valley American Legion

Mission: To perpetually recognize the sacrifice of America’s military fallen service members and their families. The organization pays tribute to all military lives lost, not only while serving on active duty but also as a result of serving. Military deaths in all wars or conflicts and all branches of service from our nation’s inception are recognized.

The primary vehicle for perpetual recognition is a specific and dedicated symbol of remembrance created by this organization: the Honor and Remember Flag, which is intended to fly continuously as a tangible and visible reminder to all Americans of the lives lost in defense of our national freedoms.

Rationale: In our over 200 year history there has never been an official  national symbol that solely and specifically recognizes in gratitude and respect the ultimate sacrifice made by members of the United States military in service to our nation. The Honor and Remember Flag was created for that purpose.

Goals: In keeping with our mission and primary goals, we continue to significantly impact this nation with the message of perpetually recognizing our military fallen heroes and their families. Our objectives can be summarized in four words, establish, educate, present and comfort.


  1. To Establish the Honor and Remember Flag as our national symbol of remembrance; encouraging adoption by Congress, individual states and throughout all communities in America.To build a consensus among the branches of the United States military, veterans organizations, service and civic groups, businesses and individuals in order to collectively solicit the Department of Defense and the United States Congress to propose and accept the Honor and Remember Flag as the official flag for honoring all fallen servicemen and servicewomen.
  2. To Educate our nation on the meaning and importance of this remembrance Flag and the impact of its existence on Gold Star families. It is the hope of this organization to ultimately change mindsets and bring needed recognition and appreciation for those who paid the price for our liberty. Additionally to promote broad national awareness of and groundswell interest so that military, government and educational facilities as well as corporations and individual households would begin flying the Honor and Remember Flag as a clear statement of thanks in recognition of our nation's fallen warriors and their families.
  3. To Present one personalized Honor and Remember Flag in the hands of immediate families who have lost a loved one in military service to America, while serving or as a result of serving, regardless of generation.
  4. To build with each Gold Star family an ongoing and significant relationship of Comfort, developing and organizing annual and continuous programs that reinforce a positive message of remembrance.Through viable partnerships that foster an atmosphere of healthy communication, healing and comfort we are able bring together and recognize other wounded families, building a stronger sense of community among all families who have given so much to America.