Symbol of Sacrifice and Remembrance being recognized in
recovery and repatriation of missing service members.


Chesapeake, VA — Honor and Remember, Inc. is proud to announce an important milestone in its mission to publicly remember generations of our nation’s fallen service members.  Beginning August 21st, 2012 The Honor and Remember Flag will be included as a symbol of tribute in the combined efforts of North South Polar, Inc (NSP) and The American Fallen Veteran’s Foundation (AFVF) to locate and repatriate the remains of three missing WWII service members.  At the request of the US Department of Defense Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC), NSP will provide a highly specialized team to confirm the Southeast Greenland crash location of the J2F-4 Grumman “Duck” biplane and recover (2) US Coast Guard and (1) US Army Air Corps aircrew Missing In Action (MIA) from up to 50 feet below the surface of the ice sheet. The (3) MIA air crewmen were killed November 29, 1942 while performing rescue operations for a downed B-17 just 30 miles from the Lost Squadron site.

“The North South Polar project and American Fallen Veterans Foundation formally embrace the meaning and purpose of Honor and Remember, which fits perfectly into our recovery mission and goal,” said Lou Sapienza, CEO/Mission Lead of the project.

“It is our hope to bring individual recognition of sacrifice to every fallen service member regardless of generation, this alliance allows us to touch the lives of MIA families who have been waiting decades for news of their loved ones“.  said founder George Lutz

The North South Polar team will depart Trenton/Mercer Airport (NJ) on 8/21 at approximately 10:00am via Coast Guard C-130 en route to Greenland via Keflavik Iceland to search for and likely recover Lt. John Pritchard, RM1/c Benjamin Bottoms and CPL Loren Howarth and their J2F-4 Amphibious biplane that crashed during a search and rescue operation on 29 Nov 1942. All are invited to attend the C-130 load-in beginning at 08:30am at the Ronson Aviation FBO.


About North South Polar, Inc. (NSP)

North South Polar, (NSP) an extraordinary team of preeminent explorers, scientists and specialists, are global experts for the most difficult recovery missions in the most challenging environments on earth. North South Polar contributes to important knowledge about climate and the polar environment, and sea level change. Working with the US Department of Defense (DOD), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the US Geological Survey (USGS) and New York University, Columbia University and other leading government and international academic bodies, North South Polar provides both a needed platform for scientific work as well as the technical innovations necessary to collect information for understanding our changing world. For more information visit www.nspolar.us

About the Fallen American Veteran’s Foundation (FAVF)

The mission of the Fallen American Veterans Foundation is to be the first comprehensive, nationwide charitable entity concerned with the patriotic story and solemn recovery of every MIA: educating the public about our fallen, giving voice to the families of the fallen, helping to underwrite the cost of recoveries and providing technical assistance for the most challenging recovery efforts. The Foundation will also serve as a clearinghouse to aid and support the many groups seeking the recovery of our missing and fallen service personnel.
For more information visit www.favf.us

About Honor and Remember, Inc.

After the death of his eldest son, Tony, in Iraq, Gold Star father George Lutz recognized the need to educate the nation about the precious cost of freedom. His mission became raising awareness about the sacrifice made by military men and women who died for their country through the creation and establishment of a distinct and tangible symbol. The Honor and Remember Flag was unveiled nationally on Memorial Day 2008 to perpetually recognize the sacrifice of our fallen military heroes and their families. The flag is now being endorsed by veteran and service organizations and adopted by cities and states.  And it is being flown by patriotic Americans across our nation and is fast becoming a nationally accepted symbol of remembrance. One of their major goals is the presentation of personalized Honor and Remember Flags to individual families of every military fallen hero.  Hundreds of Honor and Remember Flags have already been presented across the United States to the Gold Star Families who have lost loved ones in military while serving or as a result of serving, over every generation.  Additionally, more than 20 states have either adopted the flag or endorsed its use.
Visit www.HonorandRemember.org for more information.